Lorena's installation, The Fragility of Peace, can be experienced on the second floor, in the center room, of the National Gallery's east side. 

“Entre Tiempos” (Between Times) is a solo exhibition of 36 works at the Studio Hotel in Santa Ana, professionally curated by Sebastian Melo. As part of this even was the inauguration of the permanent Lorena Villalobos Suite, entitled “Ventanas Del Silencio” (Windows on Silence).     April 1 - 29th, 2023

Lorena's submission for the University of Costa Rica's VX Exhibition "La Estampa Artistica y Su Punto de Encuentro", October 2022. Link -  https://semanariouniversidad.com/cultura/el-universo-de-la-estampa-artistica-y-su-punto-de-encuentro/

As the world gradually opens from the pandemic, Lorena was selected to show at the first Bienal at the Costa Rican Country Club. Below is her submission, "Moon Dance", 120 x 120 cm, oil and cold wax.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Bienal, Lorena has six works that she completed while visiting China, now on exhibition. She has also created a video of her workshop and gallery to be shown throughout Latin America as part of the effort to promote the exhibition.

Well into this year of the pandemic, more and more exhibitioins have become virtual. Lorena has been exploring oil paint like never before over the course of 2020 and her new work is begging to be shown.

Lorena is showing in the exhibition celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Women Printers of Costa Rica at the Sophie Wannamaker Cultural Center.

Lorena has had two works selected to be shown at Santandar, Spain for the 2019 International "MiniPrint Cantabria" exhibition at the port. The theme of the works submitted is the celebration of lighthouses. 

Lorena has won the Second Place Prize in the 5th Annual Salon of Association of Costa Rican Visual Artists (ACAV) for her acrylic on canvas, Rhythms of Nature. June, 2019 at the Municipal Museum of Cartago-photo on home page

Autumn 2018, at Rojas & Ford Fine Art in Coral Gables, Florida, Lorena is showing thirteen of her critically accalimed "Fishbowl as Lens on the Ocean" series; these are semi-conceptual works commenting on the health of our watery planet.

ValoArte "Project" in memory of Rudy Espinoza, September 2018 at Ave. Escazu. Here Lorena first showed her "Fishbowl as Lens on the Ocean" series.

"Flowers of My Land", is an exhibitioin showing at Ocean Logistics in Miami Florida. Lorena submitted the work on the upper left of this poster titled, "Ashes of Turrialba", August 2018

This exhibition was shown at the Mexican Cultural Center and included women printmakers from both Costa Rica and Mexico, March 2018.

TOUR OF WORLD ART - SHANGHAI CHINA - 11/16, was Lorena's fourth exhibition in China.

Lorena's third exhibition in China this year. The Exhibition has just been extended at the World Art Museum in Shanghai China, now November 2-December 19, 2016

CHINA! May 2016.
Entrance Hall with the flags of the countries involved.
Lorena at the Millennium Museum in Beijing being interviewed by CCTV for Spanish television distribution. This was the first exhibition, together with 14 Latin American artists working in the traditional Latin American genre of Magic Realism.
Then to Changsha Normal University to create two paintings and six monotypes for the Hunan exhibition with the influence of 2 weeks of ancient cities, museums, geological parks, world heritage sites and theatre.
It took travel to another university, Changsha Normal, to find the press needed for Lorena's monotypes. Both the professor and students were completely intrigued with her facility in the medium and her COLORS! He actually offered her a 5-week residency.
Lorena's two paintings on canvas and four monotypes behind her, the exhibition ready for the opening. These works were left in China, donated to the Chinese Cultural Ministry.
Lorena is one of 30 artists exhibiting at the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights. Inaugration Thursday, October 23 at 6:00 PM.
September 19, 2014, Lorena won first place in the Grano de Oro competition for her wonderful mixed media work, "Ronda en el Cafetal". Her work will remain perminantly in the prestegious collection of SinterCafe.
Lorena receives the the Rafa Fernandez Prize for a work in two dimensions at the at the First Annual Salon of the Association of Costa Rican Artists, for her mixed media work titled, "La Ventana de Tita". April 23, 2014
Lorena has had a conceptual work in sewn fabric included in a well juried exhibition of textiles. The exhibition can be seen the entire month of April at the Costa Rican North American Cultural Center in Bario Esclante.
Lorena's is showing January 26, 2014 at Ford Fine Art, Delray Beach Florida along with other fine Costa Rican and Central American artist.
An exhibition with some of Costa Rica's finest artists.

Lorena's poster (not shown here) will be part of the jurried exhibition of the 11th International Poster Design Competition Francisco Mantecon at Estación Marítima in Vigo in Galicia, Spain. Winner to be announced December 13, 2013

Wonderful exhibition at the Alianza Francesa - don't miss it! Lorena's work for the exhibition "Mi Ciudad" has been used as the left image on this invitation.

2013 has been an active year of group exhibitions for Lorena, both in Costa Rica and internationally.

2013  11th International Poster Design Competition, Galacia Spain

2013 “Mi Ciudad” Alianza Francesa, San José

2013  Abierto Nacional de Grabado, Galería Nacional, San Jose

2013  Pleinarismo, CNFL, San Jose

2013  Sueños, Magia y Color, Galeria GAC

2013  La Casa del Artista, ACAV, San Jose

2013  Rizomas, Galería Rafa Fernández, Casa del Artista

2013  Ford Fine Art, Costa Rican Printmakers, Delray Beach, FL

2013  Derechos Humanos, Tribunal Suprema de Justicia, San Jose

Save The Howler Monkeys - NOSARA

Three original monotypes from the Exhibition, An S.O.S. Ecological

Lorena has dontated three works to the Save the Howler Monkeys, Nosara auction on February 1, 2013. Here is a link that can take you there to bid for this wonderful cause. Just click HERE or, if for some reason thast does not get you there, clip and paste this address into your browser. http://www.nosaraweb.com/SaveTheHowlerMonkeysAuction.html

Participating in Embrujarte, December 2012.

The weather cooperated this year and sales were brisk. It was a very successful event for Lorena and she is already looking forward to next year!

Lorena at her booth in Embrujarte, December 2012

This is Lorena's large acrylic on canvas, which was hung at the 5th International Biennale of Art in Beijing China. The art show took place October/November 2012. A prestigious, juried exhibition, Lorena was one of only five Costa Rican artists selected to participate this year.

The Rocks Also Cry, Acrylic on Canvas, 175 cm x 146 cm
Lorena is showing at Art Mujer 2012, MultiPlaza June 1, 2 & 3.

Lorena shall be exhibiting on June 1, 2 & 3 at the MultiPlaza Escazú, for this years "Arte Mujer 2012"

INTER-VERSIONES III, Important Print Exhibition at the Costa Rica Country Club by the group "Bastidor Solitero" including Lorena Villalobos and the workshop's master, Jorge Crespo.

Lorena Exhibits in Spain at "Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón".

Lorena is showing in Madrid this year with other notable Costa Rican artists in an exhibition entitled:

"Pura Vida - Contemporary Printmaking in Costa Rica"

MKAC II, Cumbre de Arte Latinamericano - en Chile



(MKAC) September 11, 2011




Lorena will be showing her new work as well as volunteering her time at Valoarte IX, Sept. 2011.

Costa Rica's Premiere Art Event

If you missed it at CENAC, the entire S.O.S. Ecologico installation can be seen at the Centro de la Cultura Florencia in Escazu during the month of August 2011.

Brochure - Centro de la Cultura Florencia

Lorena @ Gallery 1887 - CENAC - June 28 to July 22, 2011

Brochure - 1887 Gallery

Cordial Invitación, 29 de junio, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

                                  Lorena Villalobos - Galería 1887
             Cerrando el mes de junio, designado como el Mes Internacional del Medio Ambiente, deseo invitarlos a mi próxima exhibición en la Galería 1887 con el nombre de Un S.O.S. Ecológico.
             Presento 33 obras únicas en la técnica de monotipia. Estos trabajos fueron realizados durante las 14 semanas que duró el desastre del derrame de petróleo en el Golfo de México. Estas obras son una expresión dinámica del impacto causado en la naturalaza, en el primer aniversario de la tragedia. 
            Este catástrofe, causado por el ser humano y que es el tema de esta exposición, es un llamado a la conciencia humana para que todos seamos vigilantes activos del irrespeto hacia a nuestro planeta.
            Después de mi última exposición individual en el 2009, me siento muy orgullosa de mostrarles este trabajo con una narración enlazada y fuerte, todavía mas aún por las protestas recientes en nuestra país con motivo de la posibilidad de perforaciones en busca de petróleo.
           Por favor acompáñenme para disfrutar de una noche de arte y celebración por la vida de nuestro planeta.
Los espero, LOV
         Galería 1887 - CENAC, Antigua Fabrica Nacional de Licores

"Lajas por Lajas" is a charity exhibition at the Costa Rican Country Club, Escazu, May 11, 2011

This is an exhibition of painted lajas (slate rock) done for the benifit of last year's tragity in Las Lajas neighborhood of Escazu. Pictured here are Lorena's three entries.

Entres Lajas y el Cielo

Lorena has donated ten framed works of art to the Nosara "SAVE THE HOWLER MONKEYS FUNDRAISER & AUCTION" to be held February 25th, 2011

Lorena takes part in an International exhibition of Costa Rican Artists, Delrey Beach, Florida. October 2nd & 3rd 2010

Lorena takes part in an International Exhibition of Costa Rican Art, Delray Beach, Florida October 2 & 3, 2010

Lorena's contributions to VALOARTE VIII, 2010. Her large acrylic on canvas was bought for the prestigious collection of the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica while her monotype sold to a private collector.

It's that time of year again - Valoarte!

Lorena, along with many other local artists contributed their talent to the cause in the form of specially designed and painted umbrellas.

Cartago, Costa Rica - March 2010 Exhibition of Advanced Printing Techniques by five local artists.

Poster for Cartago, March 2010 Exhibition