"Art is the chalice into which we pour the wine of transcendence."

Welcome to my website. I am a Costa Rican artist, first and foremost, though I have also traveled the world and exhibited abroad. Here you will see examples of my recent and past work, discover where I am presently exhibiting and even arrange a visit to my studio or a presentation in my home gallery, if you should so desire. 


Please feel free to contact me in order to make an appointment.

"Bandera Verde", acrylic on canvas.
"Rising on the Wind", monotype.


My life is all about creating art in a wide variety of mediums. I work in oil on canvas, acrylics, watercolors, collage, sculpture, enamel on metal and an array of diverse printing techniques. Here you can find out More about my career and artistic accomplishments.

"The Kiss" mixed media collage.


Are you looking for a great piece of art for your home or office? I also work with hotels, corporate and commercial clients. My website presents you with an overview of my artwork, and you can also contact me directly. I'm sure you'll find something that satisfies your tastes and possibly even expands your sensibilities!

"Tossed", monotype.

Why Monotypes? 


I have recently begun to employ a rather unique process to "punctuate" the spontaneity in my abstract creations. I use a monotype printing process to execute my form and color compositions while coaxing and observing the serendipitous interaction of ink on wetted paper.

"Hummingbirds at Bloom", oil on canvas.

So these one-of-a-kind monotypes actually extend my tools of artistic exploration and they also, inevitably, find use as my samples. These images often becoming a client's best means of communication when commissioning me to execute a much larger work of oil or acrylic on canvas. 


My monotypes are by definition stand alone, original works of art. However, I also regard them similarly to the way a diminutive maquette is employed in the creation of a large work of sculpture. It pleases me that they serve more than one purpose.


Please visit my photo gallery of some recent, unique monotypes that are available for purchase or as an inspiration for larger works.