Even while raising my children, who are thankfully now grown, I have relentlessly educated myself in all areas of art and design. I have continually tried to improve my skills and technical understanding, by taking classes with great teachers whenever possible. My simple goal is to continue to master new techniques, ever incorporating them into the synthisis that is my art. 


Highlights from my résumé:


•    1982 - Oil painting studies with the Costa Rican national artist Margarita Facio.

•    1986 - Fine Art Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica, San José Costa Rica.

•    1987 - Watercolor and painting studies with the Costa Rican nacional artist Manuel Sánchez.

•    1990 - I studied painting and pastels with the accomplished Greek-American paintor, Jim Theólogos.

•    1998 - Oil Painting studies with the Mexican painter Kathlyn Garret.

•    2003 - I studied numerous printing techniques with the Costa Rican print-master and artist, Jorge Crespo. (these include Aguatint, mezzotint, monotype, collografy, photo-serigrafy,

•    2006 - Painting with glass, “Pintando con la Luz”, with the artist Ted Sawyer of the Bullseye Gallery, U.S.A.